A residential building in Warsaw draws attention with its color and sophisticated play of light. But the building is also a sign of change in the Polish construction industry.

Praga is one of the oldest districts of Warsaw. Located east of the Vistula, the district is characterized by its historic brick buildings, which were largely spared from devastation during the Second World War. The city administration attaches great importance to preserving the historical character of the district and approves very few densification projects.

The residential building Sprzeczna 4 is one of these projects. Situated on a narrow plot next to a residential building with a historic stone façade, it signals modernity with its red exposed-concrete façade, while at the same time being integrated in its surroundings. “The building at Sprzeczna 4 aspires to continue the restoration of the Praga district and to become a recognizable element not only in the immediate vicinity, but also on a larger scale,” said the architects of the Polish firm BBGK regarding their project.

The building, which was completed in 2017, faces the street with an open façade, into which the balconies are embedded. The building thus preserves the smooth façade character of the surrounding buildings. The sides of the balconies also offer the inhabitants protection against the elements.