Adela Apartments is just a stone’s throw from Port Phillip Bay. This residential building’s façade takes the motif and runs with it.

Australia’s second largest city of Melbourne is located along the inviting Port Phillip Bay. Not far from the bay, Adela Apartments offers living space in this constantly growing city: the building boasts 6 generously designed apartments of 175 square meters each.

The building, designed by Jost Architects, juts out into the street with inviting balconies that the architects chose to clad in precast concrete panels. These elements were produced at the Lux Precast plant. RECKLI formliners measuring 3 x 4 meters were used. The concrete surface was designed using a design from the RECKLI SELECT line: the 2/241 Hawaii pattern creates gentle waves in the concrete. The architects opted for the design for its gentle wave motif like the patterns drawn on the sand by the water of Port Phillip Bay. One reusable formliner was all they needed to design a total of 200 square meters of concrete.