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Retirement Center, Ennenda, Switzerland


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Retirement Center

Ennenda, Switzerland

nuak Architekten

2/42 Naab

A Swiss retirement center is expanding into a competence center for patients with dementia. A new building with a unique feel thanks to its façade provides additional space while referencing the architecture of surrounding buildings.

The extension for the Bühle Ennenda retirement center was completed in 2020: The new building creates space for the institution to become a competence center for dementia patients. The Swiss firm nuak Architekten designed a two-story extension connected directly to the existing structure.

The new build continues the style of the façade, albeit with a unique design detail. Full-height windows and concrete elements dominate the façade, which was constructed as a curtain façade. The design of the concrete elements involved two RECKLI textured formliners from the SELECT series. The formliners were provided measuring in at 7.4 by 3.8 meters. The 2/42 Naab design is a fantasy texture with lines that subtly break up the concrete. The precast concrete elements were produced at the Istighofen precast plant.